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Welcome to the professional dance profile of Charleigh France. Charleigh is a professional performer, teacher, choreographer, and judge. She has worked all over the world doing what she loves and is always learning and finding ways to take her choreography and craft to new levels. Take a look around and visit the contact page for inquiries or bookings, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Charleigh France was introduced to dance at the age of 3. Unable to keep still and keep off stage, she was put in the competition world at the age of 5 winning national titles from KAR and Showstoppers. From there she continued to pursue dance as a professional career. In high school she joined the San Jose Ballet School and started performing professionally with the company at the age of 15. From there it unraveled to becoming apart of the San Diego State
School of Music and Dance bringing Charleighs focus to Modern and Contemporary. Being apart of the dance department at SDSU opened many doors and allowed her to take advantage of traveling opportunities such as attending the World Dance Festival in Poland, which included work by Johannes Wieland and Idan Cohen(Israel), and a summer intensive at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in New York City, along with summer intensives at Julliard. There she
participated in choreography work by well known companies such as Ronald K. Brown, Battleworks and Gina Gibney Dance Company. A move to Vegas led her to work with the worlds famous Cirque Du Soleil along with cast members of Jubilee. From Vegas came a job offer in Mexico where she choreographed and performed with Barcelo Resorts and CoCo Bongo.

During this time she has also been recognized by recording artists such as Ciara, ChristinaAgulaira and Busta Rhymes along with a participant in So You Think You Can Dance. In 2015 Charleigh choreographed and directed a professional European dance tour performing weekly and Club Med Resorts in Portugal and Greece. In between traveling as a choreographer, judge and convention teacher Charleigh also teaches children and adults in San Diego as well as in
Northern California regularly. Her award winning choreography can be recognized in all areas of California, Minnesota, Ohio and Florida. Next Level Dance Competition currently uses her 2015 piece, New York State of Mind for their promotions. Teaching Special Needs children, teens and adults to dance and choreograph quickly became one of Charleigh’s main focuses when she became Arms Wide Open’s 1st dance teacher (located in El Cajon, CA). Teri Campus
hired her to choreograph their winter show which raised over fifty thousand dollars for their performing arts programs. While on a European dance tour Charleigh worked with the special olympics in Belgium and is currently helping grow their dance program as well. Her current main goal is to create a special needs dance competition and convention for this talented population.

From show choirs, competitive dance teams, productions and conventions to working with special needs children, and being a head judge at Dance Worlds in Orlando Florida, her passion for teaching will always be a big part of her career. Her career has taken her back to Southern California ,where she is currently performing, choreographing, directing and teaching. Recently, Charleigh has become a well known convention teacher with DX in the Midwest circuit and international judge/instructor, currently doing work in Australia. With hopes and dreams of running her own conservatory and developing high end dance programs, Charleigh continues to travel and share her love for dance around the world.